Want to help the BM?

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Want to help the BM?

Post by AlanS » Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:00 pm

http://crowdsourced.micropasts.org/ offers the chance to transcribe index cards which describe Bronze Age objects, or to trace photographs of Bronze Age objects with a view to later being able to made 3D printed replicas of those objects.

This is very labour intensive work - to do the job properly I would suggest you put aside at least half an hour to trace round one of the objects, and depending upon your eyesight (handwriting in pencil on old cards can be hard to distinguish!), at least the same again for the cards.

If you register, you get some recognition on the number of tasks you complete, in the form of a 'busiest volunteers' wall of fame.

It's an interesting idea, will be good to see how much take-up there is.

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